Death's Gambit is a short card game between you and a unique guest. You both play for a special price, but the question is, who wins?

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Card Game
Made withTwine
TagsAtmospheric, Clicker, Horror, Point & Click, Short, Singleplayer, Text based, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly
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Such amazing game with amazing introspection with very deep subjects.

Hope you continue to develop such games. It was a pleasure to play it.

Only thing that didn't came along is that the card game itself isn't that entertaining, due to the lack of interaction with Death itself. 

Thanks for your feedback and video, I enjoyed the commentary!


i can't </3 get the </3 third ending </3 i tried to get a tie to see if that was it but i can't,, ㅠㅠ

awesome game! loved it, the artwork and the story really immersed me in!


Hey there, I totally understand it, have you tried wrongly accusing death of cheating? Sometimes it might result in a tie if timed perfectly!

i got all 3 endings in a row! very creepy atmosphere and story.


Haven't heard that one before, amazing! I hope you enjoyed it!


Sjoerd, what an unexpected surprise, I played this shortly before the New Year, so this absolutely fit the mood. Great writing, I love the story within a story (it reminded me of Stephen King who does it so well) and it’s a lovely story, both sad and creepy what a gorgeous combination. Also my greetings to Eli, I love their art style. 

I want to thank you so much! For the kind words and the (already) awesome video. I am currently watching it! I tried contacting you on Discord, you should check it out! Again, thanks Hula Noob! (Also, to remind you of Stephen King, one of the greatest horror writers, made me beyond happy!).


I am always happy to play your games, so the kind words wrote themselves :D


Little confused on how to win, but the game was great and I loved the atmosphere. :)

Thanks, and sorry for confusing you! It's based on an old game named "war", the highest card scores a point, and the aces are the highest. It's a luck-based game, which means, it's random, you either win or lose (or play a draw). Sometimes your guest might cheat, and if you catch him doing it and accuse him successfully, you might be able to turn tables even when you are not having the upper hand.

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Ahh I see, I did catch the guest cheating once. I thought there was a little trick to winning there, but all understood now. Thanks!


Whew, great job on the storyline and art! The atmosphere is like sitting next to a cold fireplace, and the music just puts you on edge. Almost like the adrenaline the protagonist feels when they win or lose.

I'm genuinely curious to know if there is a third ending? Like if there is a possibility for a tie to happen between the Human and Death, and what the ending would be like.

Again, I think you did an awesome job with the game!

I hope everyone has a happy new year too :)

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it a lot! As for the third ending, indeed there is one! I wish you a great 2022!


after a few tries, i finally won


I am glad to hear, thanks for playing!

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Happy New Year Sjoerd! Another great immersive game for everyone to enjoy. I had great fun with this and started counting cards towards the end haha. No complaints from me except one or two typos but that's no biggie.

Hope everything is going well for you with your projects! 

Thanks for making games!



Thanks for playing my game and I am pleased to hear you enjoyed it! Also, thanks for making an awesome video, I really loved it. 

I wish you a good 2022, and I hope it becomes a good year!


Lovely game!

Would recommend getting your own deck of cards and card count with it while you play. :3

Thanks! Yes, this certainly is a good tactic! ;)


Death is technically cheating as he wins ties though the rules say otherwise, but a very good story nonetheless.

Thanks for playing! I agree, death doesn't seem to play fairly.


Great sound and I liked the artwork a lot. The story was good though I would have liked to see the protag getting increasingly paranoid and/or angry as time went on. As it is he stays relatively even-keeled throughout the whole play through. But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Goodmorning (for me), I watched your video as I woke up, extremely surprised! I thoroughly enjoyed the video and I want to thank you for playing the game, and spending your time on it! I might improve it in the future, narrative/dialogue-wise, so thanks for the feedback! I hope you will have a wonderful year's eve.


Thanks for this game! The audio is unnerving and fits it perfectly!

Awh thanks! I really focused on the audio for this game.